Sunday, August 5, 2007

Cooking Up Some Breakfast

How about some rotten eggs this morning in the A-T-L? A pretty large game this morning for the Rox. The way the NL West (and Wild Card) is shaping up, games like this one become very crucial. Losing to Hudson last night becomes a distant memory if Cook can continue his hot pitching and get some decent support. Going 4-2 on the roadie sounds a lot better than 3-3.

Haven't heard if Holliday will be back in the lineup, but seeing as he didn't pinch hit in the top of the ninth last night with Tulo standing at first, I'm guessing that finger might be fairly banged up.

I also don't know Accuscore is saying, but I like the visitors in the rubber match.


Chain Lightning said...

Study Break!! Rox on TBS....ahhhh, unhhh.

Chain Lightning said...

Routine play Spilly!

G At my pick to click

DeathTruck said...

Why the hell is Iannetta hitting ahead of Cookie? His batting average is almost 100 poits less.

DeathTruck said...

Maybe a better question is: why is Iannetta still in the major leagues?

TroutDog said...

C'mon Gallego, Tulo didn't have a chance on that one!

JC, looking sketchy in the field.

Spily might have to take this game over.

Sammy Winder said...

close games lost like these where good run scoring chances are squandered, will haunt in weeks to come.