Monday, August 6, 2007

Forecast calls for Fogg

Hawpe with a three run jack to get this thing started. Let's get 8 innings out of Foggie and let Corpas do the rest.


TroutDog said...

A pretty accurate forecast, CL, with a touch of Hawkins thrown in. Well done Rocks. Most the gang was up in Evergreen peeping the middle innings of the game. It looked to be well in hand by the time we started back down the hill. Merry says hi Chained Lightning.

And I just saw the good news that Iannetta got optioned to the Springs. My guess is that he'll be back when the rosters are expanded. Hope the kid regains some confidence in El Paso County. I'm not throwing dirt on him yet, but this was an overdue move.

DeathTruck said...

And back to the swanky's question, if you really disect there wall shit, there more of a packers/mardi gras/deep sea fishing bar... but not really a brewer bar... fair game indeed.