Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Exploiting BK's Suckiness

I'm still not buying it, BK is a crappy pitcher, and I hope for our sake Hurdle knows this as well and knows how to use it to our advantage. If my memory serves me correct, BK gets lit up by left-handed batters. Perhaps, it was a good idea by Hurdle (did I just say that?), to sit the left handers (Helton, Hawpe, and sort of KazMat) last night so as to prepare for a BK ass-whippin tonight. Maybe Sulli will be given some PT tonight?

Accuscore has us winning 51%-49%... whatever, I guess Fogg and BK do have similar stats. Let's hope we get the good Fogg tonight; he has been kind of money lately.

I won't be able to watch or interactively blog the game, as I will be at a early evening Rock'n Roll concert. It's too bad I was really looking forward to seeing BK's funny little smile while we lit him up.

P.S. How about my Giants last night!!

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Chain Lightning said...

Has anyone taken a look at BK's grill/mugshot on ESPN? Dude looks like plastic man. BK do us all a favor and don't stand so close to the grill while serving up your BK Broilers.