Thursday, August 16, 2007

Is signing BK just a formaility at this point?

Saw on the espn ticker that the D Backs released BK. I gotta believe O'Dowd was calling the Monfarts in the middle of the night asking if the can spend $20K on a fast food burger.

Is this some sort of ploy by the D-Backs? Do the D-Backs want the Rox to pick up BK so that they can exploit BK's suckiness when we face them? DT are you ok with this?


TroutDog said...

I wouldn't be oppossed to this in general, but I think he kind of left on bad terms.

BK said the Rockies didn't appreciate his flame-broiled flavor and former coaches and players were complaining of food poisoning.

I agree with your D-back theory. I saw in the paper this morning that Morales (from AAA)is the projected starter for Sat, not Ortiz. I-25 between the Springs and Denver is seeing a lot of baseball traffic these days!

DeathTruck said...

Yeah, I ain't too cool with it. The dude just never pitched well here.

Plus, fox sports already re-did their goofy starting pitcher commercial (although he is still in one of the scenes).

Sammy Winder said...

don't do it!!!!!
i'd rather have the real Burger King pitch for us...especially if he can play baseball with the same flair that he shows on the gridiron, year in and year out