Saturday, August 11, 2007

Clint Hurdle is a genious

Situation...bases juiced after a single, walk, and hit batsman. Pitcher spot due up and Hurdle actually decides to go to my main man J Caroll off the pine. You know my boy ain't swinging on the first strike. Fouls a pitch off and on a 1-2 count goes yard. Sickening!

The bully absolutely has to nail this thing down. Could be another huge win for Fogg who ended the last two game losing streak as well.

Hopefully the Vegas contingency is soaking this game in at the MGM sportsbook. Obvi I would be.


Sammy Winder said...

nice day today (Sunday) for the Rox too.

oh, and gotta love that Nats surging comeback to beat the D Backs. needed that.

DeathTruck said...

And you gotta love having money on both games.

TroutDog said...

Actually, Deathtruck and I walked into the Flamingo sportsbook just in time to see JC's grand dinger. It was a thing of beauty. Watched the rest of Sat's game in the Imperial Palace book......ree!! Don't order the tap beer there.

Regarding the Nats comeback, Deathtruck and I had a ten spot on that one and had pretty much kissed it away in the early afternoon. Was shocked to see the final and raked in a pretty nice payout on that that one!

Chain Lightning said...

You gotta love the wall decor at the IP. Kind of reminds me of a real nicely done up basement somewhere in the midwest circa '77......How bout a Fesca?