Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Working man's delight

Any of you cats making it out to the ballpark today? Lets hope Cookie can continue the mini-roll he's been on. Reading the game preview on reveals some nice trends in the Rox favor for this game. Cookie has been solid in the past against the Padres and the Rox have roughed up the scrub San Diego is putting on the hill today. Plus AcuScore gives the Rox a 55% chance of winning, and that thing is correct almost 50% of the time.

How about giving K-Mat the day off today Hurdle and lets get J Carrol in the two hole. We need to get on the board early and get into that Padre bully as well as get 7 strong from Cookie.

With regards to last nights game, I saw the highlights on Sports Center and it looked like Willy T may have misplaced that ball in the 8th a bit. Any thoughts? Also what the freak gives with Rameriz? Isn't this the same pattern as last year where he was lights out in the beginning of the year and dump towards the end.


DeathTruck said...

Yo, respek acuscore! I believe it correctly predicted the first 2 games of the series.

Huson and Goodman didn't really mention that Tavarez got a bad read off that ball. That 1-out double was the real killer, as well as that lame ass hit bouncing off of home plate. Agreed about Rameriz, he should be sent down to the Springs every June, and stay down there.

The 2 oldest bros will be in attendence today, celebrating some b-day fun... maybe I'll go too?

Sandy this morning seems to be hinting at some big trade that the Rockies will be making sometime in the next couple of days. Is the trade deadline approaching? How about Fuentes for Penny?

DeathTruck said...

Also, you're correct about 2nd basemen. Hurdle would have to be a grade-A moron if he doesn't consider putting Carrol back in the lineup to replace Kazmat (at least for a few games).

Chain Lightning said...

I think the jury has already come to a conclusion as to weather Hurdle is a Grade A Moron. The deliberation on that one took 1.43 seconds.

Fuentes for Penny? Perhaps we could package Hurdle, O'Dowd, and the Monfart Bros in that deal.

DeathTruck said...

Kind of wish I would've gone to the game; we're having quite the 6th inning. Already a few runs home and still no one out?

It sounds like Cook's on fire as well.

DeathTruck said...

Cook must puttin on quite a show. Only 1 more inning to go, and his pitch count is like 40.

Hopefully this outing and his last are signs of things to come, as he settles into that ace role.

Everyone sort of dishin'em today.