Sunday, July 29, 2007

Billingsley-ly vs. Jenny Craig

I am starting to feel real sorry for the Rockies ground crew. Look what they have had to deal with this series. First Penny and his 275 lb lard ass. Then Broxton comes in to pitch the 8th and he is generously listed at 325 lbs. A rain out on Friday and now the pear shaped Billingsley.

Lets take it to them Rox!

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TroutDog said...

A big game to have the kid pitching. I almost wish Hurdle would give Fogg the hill today against the mediocre Dodger bats. I think he'd do ok. But, maybe this will be a great op for JJ (ok, I guess Jorge Julio already has that nickname now) to show his wares. His last outing was pretty good.

If we can match last night's 3-dinger performance, I like our chances.