Sunday, July 15, 2007

Mr Jeremy Affeldt

Hey TroutDog, your main man Affeldt sucks. If we were going to put someone in to blow the game, we mightas well have put in Martin, and lossed by 15.

A double play from Holliday with the bases juiced? We might need to give that Nickelback fan a few more days off.


DeathTruck said...

Oh and by the way: I only blog after 11 mimosas.

TroutDog said...

Assfeldt really screwed up this game, but the series loss can be contributed mostly to the lack of timely hitting. (I'm looking at you Holliday and G-dog.) With marginal hitting in games 2 and 3, we could've taken at least two of three in this series.

Now it is imperrative that the Rox take the last two seris of the roadies against the lowly Bucs and Nats.

Looks like Taylor is back in the starting rotation for tonight........