Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We own the bucs

A solid start for Francis from what it's sounding like. Julio taking care of the 8th. Our bullpen has been solid over the past couple of weeks. And on that same topic:
I heard during last night's postgame that Fuentes will be back on Thursday ( I guess he was put in some innings at Asheville)

I must say I missed the first couple of innings due to my first visit to Big Lots! I was tempted to buy a $3 broom, but decided against it, but I didn't want to jinx the sweep by getting too cocky. When I was done shopping at that strange-ass store, I was delighted to come back to my car and here Hawpe's dong.

5-2 at the top of the 9th (with a mini rockies rally): Come on Bully!!!


Sammy Winder said...

First visit to Big Lots? what? you too good for Big Lots? Don't sleep on the Purina One dog food...

nice sweep for the rox as i type Wed afternoon.

Gsquints7 said... is the time to roll into DC for another series win and then get our cheap ass owners to get us some depth at starting pitching...cuz we will hit the rest of the season!!
Tulo for Rookie of the Year

DeathTruck said...

Let's just say Das Boot will be fully equipped with rap snacks for tomorrow's game.

TroutDog said...

Hola Squints!!

Speaking of Tulo, I may be rocking a Tulo jersey-T as a sub for a coworkers's softball team. I hope he can bring me some good luck!

Keep the mo' going in the Capital City boys and make the Paws at the Park game Monday evening a nice homecoming!

Sammy Winder said...

ahh. what flavor of Rap Snacks? Maybe some of what Lil' Romeo is preparing?

DeathTruck said...

Indeed, he'll be preparing: barbequing with my honey

And of course there's also the Dirt McGirt option.