Sunday, July 22, 2007

Will we ever score a run again?

Great managing being displayed by Clint Hurdle here in the 7th. Take out our pitcher, who had just pitched 6 shutout innings, and let our streaky bullpen finish the game. It's not like any of our batters is hitting extremely well with runners in scoring position, so why not let Fogg take a shot at it with 2 outs.

When we had Atkins on 3rd with 0 outs, you could already sense that he wasn't going to score.

As TroutDog had mentioned yesterday: The Rox bats are so not Now.


Chain Lightning said...

A sour ending for this roadie. Hurdle had no choice but to pinch hit Spilly for Fogg so I can't be too critical with that move.

We need to offer up some KFC for Jobu and get the hots for bats.

Chain Lightning said...

I will be critical of the decision to pinch hit with Baker instead of Carroll. Isn't Carroll swinging a hot bat right now?

DeathTruck said...

Frazier and Goodman seemed convinced that Hurdle used Baker because he had more pop in his bat, and that Carrol and Sullivan are better used at the beginning. I agree you just want to sustain the rally at that point in the 9th, and Carrol has been dishen'em lately.

I still think they should have left Fogg in. The dude was rolling.

TroutDog said...

I leave town for two days and the Rockies score zero runs.......They better pick things up with two HUGE division series this week.

5-5 isn't the typical post allstar-break roadies meltdown, but after sweeping the bucs, 6 or 7 victories should've happened.

Hank and company want to see some damn Rockies runs tomorrow night at Paws at the Park game.

Photos will be posted........