Tuesday, July 17, 2007

That's just Good

That win was just good. I guess it's our first series win at PNC Park... weird! Good game offensively by JC and G-At. And another solid job by Yorvit, who's batting average is approaching a level that is almost 100 points higher than ahhhhhhhh, our other catcher. Fogg looked tough after that 1st inning, retiring 10 straight I think it was, but mostly going 7 innings is pretty key, since the other starters have been strugling early in games and with their pitch count.

Affeldt with a good bounce back appearance, and another good game by TroutDog's main man (and hopefully our new closer) Corpas.

It kind of sucks that game ain't televised tomorrow morning/afternoon. I guess I'll be working from home with Mike and Jack.


TroutDog said...

Didn't see too much of the game, but a good outing from Fogg is something to cheer about. Maybe this post should've been titled The Rockies in a Laugher? Much less stressful than last night's could've been, should've been blowout. This roadie is already 300% better than the last one, even if we lose out the last five, which we better not.

With that pesky work thing tomorrow, I'll be accepting some ESPN realtime updates. I love following those square around the diamond!!

With the Highlands' own Jeff Francis on the mound tomorrow, lets bring the brooms out tomorrow boys!

DeathTruck said...

How about my Mets, Phillys, and Brew Crew? Too bad we might be fighting for wildcard spots with them.

I just heard Ben Sheets is out 4-6 weeks; I'll den the Cubs coming back and winning that division.

TroutDog said...

Wild Card??? C'mon. We're talking NL West Pennant!!

I'll den the Cubbies too! Nice to see the Phils put a beat down on the Dodgers.

Unwar my lack of radio reception in this office and the new KOA (MLB?) policy of having to pay for the internet radio feed. I also have my midyear performance review at 11, so I will try to cut it short so I can get back to some ESPN realtime updates.......