Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Lonesome Crowded NL West

With the Rox big win today, 3 1/2 games separate the division leaders from the 4th place Rox. Looks like there will be be meaningful games to be played in August. Although the bullpen thought getaway day happened about 3 pm this afternoon, sufficient insurance runs were garnered beforehand. It was a little too close for comfort after Corpas gives up back-to-back singles in the 9th to put the tying run at first. Thankfully, he got Ethier to strike out and secure the victory. That would've been a meltdow of the Cubs comefromfiverunsbehindinthetopoftheninethonlytohaveFuentesblowitinthebottomoftheninth game proportion. Maybe it was because Tulo didn't have a jack in today's game that they decided to hold on to win. Props to the kid Ubaldo for his first vitory.

The upcoming roadtrip with the Marlins and Braves is of course huge. I believe Cookie goes on Tuesday night. Will O'Dowd make a move and add to the roster before Tueday night's game? Maybe Chris Iannetta for a #2 starter?

Enjoy the day off tomorrow Petrocks (extra day off if you reside in the bullpen) .

(Note - I was mistaken in earlier comments remarking about weak Dodger batting. They are actually ranked 2nd in the NL in average. With their pitching staff, how the hell are they not running away with this division?)


TroutDog said...

Sports Center just showed some NL West highlights, which concluded with the upcoming schedules for the Top 3 teams. Apparently the Rox are not on the radar yet.

Also, failed to mention that Jennings got lit up for 11 ER in the first inning today to the freakin' Padres!! First time a pitcher has given up 11 ER in the first innings since 1900. I'm sure he appreciated that much like Patty Roy appreciated being left in the pipes before demanding a trade from Montreal. Maybe we can get him back on the cheap (see previous remark about Iannetta), if he's even worth picking up. I kind of knew he was having a rough year, but that trade is looking pretty great right about now.

Sammy Winder said...

...well, not sure about the Mouse reference....
saw that same SportsCenter last night. i guess being 3 1/2 games back doesn't really put you in the mix.

Chain Lightning said...

These walls are paper thin and everyone hears every little sound!

Rox on KCAL and Fox Sports West. Now the Rox on TBS. SUPPLA!