Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rox Move into 3rd Place so Goodman and Frazier Take Day Off

What?!? No TV for a Sat. afternoon game?

No matter for TroutDog, as I will be up enjoying some mountain golf at Keystone today, but I still feel angry for all of those around the TV and will have no Rox to watch. At least Fox is televising the Dodgers-Mets game and the Cubs-Dbacks game is on WGN, so there is a lot of NL West action on the tube.


DeathTruck said...

It completely ruins my day.

Someone needs to tell those retards over at Fox that the Dodgers aren't our home team.

Chain Lightning said...

Where are all the blogging bates? And how about some hitting with runners on base Rox. It would be a shame to ruin this outing by Lopez.

DeathTruck said...

No shit, 0 for 18 with runners in scoring positin this series; it's no wonder that we've only scored 7 runs in the 3 games against the worst team in the NL.

And it's pretty lame that we can't cash in a W, when Lopez gives us another good performance.

Hopefully these losses will cause them to man-up for these division series.

I'm going to warm up buttercup.

Sammy Winder said...

kinda glad that game wasn't on TV..sucked hard enough in a lawn chair in my backyard on the radio.

hit into inning ending double plays much Holliday?

DeathTruck said...

You could probably make the case that David Beckham is more now than Matt Holliday

Sammy Winder said...

oh, that case is closed. beckham is far more Now than holliday.