Saturday, July 7, 2007

Nifty Win

A pretty nifty win tonight by the Rox. I'm just glad I decided not to go to the game. It would've been brutal to be held randsom by the 7th inning beer curtailment. It was great to be able to enjoy the last 4 innings post-Gaetanos with fresh beer, swamp cooler, and HD Vizeo action. Actually, I'm sure it was great to be at the game. And eight slinky's beers later, I'm sure DeathTruck would agree. Might have to go to Coors tomorrow and see the Fumanchu-less Lopez take game 2 of the series.


DeathTruck said...

Yeah, it was pretty unfun at the game when Hawpe blasted that solo jack and Yorvit game winning base knock.

War Fuentes not seeing the light of day

DeathTruck said...

I also forgot to mention the freshness of my new KazMat jersey t-shirt.