Saturday, July 28, 2007

Franchise vs. Tomko

Big game for the Rox. Need to bounce back and prove they can compete with the Dodgers. By the way, the Rox have never finished in front of the Dodgers in the standings for any season since their inception. The Rox have got to play loose and with a little swagger. It is no time to start pressing. Hopefully Hurdle is not dropping playoff seed bombs in their head as he needs to keep this club focused and make sure they take it one game at a time from here on out.

I suppose I may try to catch Barry's at bats over on ESPN.

Vin Scully will have the call out here in Dodger land.


TroutDog said...

Death Truck and I were down for last nignt's wash out. Why not play two today?? I can't remember the last double dip at Coors. I suspect it's all about the Benji's.

Hopefully the rescheduled game in Sept will be a hot tickey!!

Game on!!

Franchise needs to have a better outing than the paws at the park night.

This is a big one!

Sammy Winder said...

...ugh, ESPN currently popping mad boners for the D-backs. "3rd walk off win....etc etc etc"
coupled with a "that NL West with the Padres, Dodgers, and Diamond Backs, have been a great story all year. blah blah blah."

i realize the Rockies have only briefly sniffed the upper-middle of the standings in the division this year, but seems like they might be worth a mention as at least a thorn in the side of the Chosen Three now and again....

whatever, I hate the D-Backs right about now. hate watching games at that park on TV too. it's got that dome look.

Sammy Winder said...

...oh, Spils leading off? whoa. nice tag up there in the bottom of the first.
doesn't really matter as I hear Holliday in the back ground just went yard. nice.

Sammy Winder said...

dang. now i'm commenting like a loser who's sitting around the house watching baseball, listening to the pretty darn good new Meat Puppets record, slow cooking a beer-can chicken on the grill.

TroutDog said...

Francis does a nice job of wiggling out of a jam. Could've been much worse.

The Fox commentators were also giving virtual head to the D-back after that game.

I've missesd most of the game thus far while dining at Red Lobster.

TroutDog said...

Great win for the Rox! Francis rebounds with a quality start, which was crucial.

The kid on the bump tomorrow in the rubber game. Would be a huge win.

48K+ at Coors this evening? Death Truck in the hizzie. We want a full report.

Chain Lightning said...

The ch'ump' behind home plate had a very forgiving strike zone. I was waiting for the Rox to deliver that knock out blow but they couldn't deliver when they had chances. A little too close for comfort at times. G At going yard was nice. Would love to see him put this lineup on his back and carry us down the stretch.

Why no Foggy tomorrow (or today)? Hasn't he been pitching ok lately? And by ok I mean going 6 and a third, scattering 9 hits and giving up 4 earned.

Sammy Winder said...

things did get a tad dicey in the second half of that game. the Atkins bomb was a comforting gesture.

Sammy has forgiven Francis for Monday/Paws at the Park.....he did look good tonight.

TroutDog said...

Fogg has had a couple of good outings recently, I believe. Pitched really well in a losing effort last Sun. If I remember correctly, 0 ER in 7 innings before JJ blew it in the 8th. Getting zero run support didn't help much either.

From the post-game report, they were saying Fogg is much less schedule-oriented and can pitch whenever they put the ball in his glove.