Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Kubiaktohold Day Off

Ok, so it's Sammy Winder's b-day today and Troutdog turns 24 tomorrow, so we decided to go the ball game. What a ball game it was. Scored some primo seats for $21 and took these photos. Cook has a better batting average than C. Iannetta (by a lot, can you spell T-U-L-S-A?), J. Carroll (who is starting to come back into favor-he's with leather), and gaining on G-dawg (nice game). Holliday almost hit for the bicycle and it was hot in the sun with beers in hand. Hope everyone had as much fun at work today as we did at that 10-2 beatdown! F-the dodgers!!!


DeathTruck said...

You can actually see the gears turning in Hurdle's head.

Sammy Winder said...

hey.....hans, I see the Pads released our boy, Branyan today.

Sammy Winder said...

...yeah 24.