Sunday, July 29, 2007

Packed Crowd Last Night

I show up 45 minutes before the game to get some rock pile tickies, but apparently 45 minutes isn't early enough as they were already sold out. I wound up purchasing the $9 tickets instead, figuring we could still sneak into our somewhat descent upper deck seats. But I guess I didn't take into account the fact that the mile high city has recently fell ill to a bad case of Rockies fever. There was no sneaking into better seats at all for us. It'll please some of you that the $9 tickets actually wound up being very close to but-crack (even though none were spotted). I took a picure of the crowd for posting, but I can't seem to email it to myself for some reason.

Awesome game to be at also; lots of rockies fans, with sparsely scattered dodger fans. There's something very satisfying about seeing face/body painting dodger fans, sitting and pissed.

So, its' official Denver loves their Rockies... my rockies.

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