Sunday, December 21, 2008

Nice Choke at Home, Today, B'cos.


Sonic Tooth said...

Yeah...choking Broncos.
>Prater shouldn't have been sent out to kick a 54 yarder with that much time left in the first half.
>Another game where the Broncos are on the ass-end of the turnover ratio (0-2)
>Settling for field goals in the red-zone twice.
>Letting the Bills score on 5 straight possessions (yet they didn't have any positive yards through the entire 1st quarter)
>Continuously giving the Bills great field position by shitty kickoffs and poor coverage.
>Had nearly twice as much total yards and still fucking lost.

They stink and I hate 'em!

TroutDog said...

You do the math. We should've won this game. Fucking weak. God I wish Sunday's game was meaningless. I guess it will be sort of playoff-like; the closest the B'cos will get this year.