Saturday, December 27, 2008

Nice Work babCOCK!

I'm here to tell you that Mike Babcock doesn't know Hockey Town. I mean, really? Lose to an Avs team that is minus Joe Sakic and Paul Stastny? Tyler Arnason is the first line center? Peter Budaj the goalie? Never would've happened on my watch. I tell you, Granato is going to get canned soon and I'll be coaching the Avs gunning for this Babcock prick! This just in......Wolski is good at shoot outs.


DeathTruck said...

Wojtek kind of looks like a a Sega hockey player with all of that deeking (actually an EA Sports hockey player to be more correct).

Sonic Tooth said...

super wojtek

TroutDog said...

I think he looks like one of the super skinny, super-fast players from the old Nintendo hockey game.