Monday, December 15, 2008

Claude Approves!

After choking away two points Friday night at home against the 'Hawks late in the game, the Avs collect a couple of unexpected points tonight in Detroit. In a game that appeared very lopsided from a SOG and territorial standpoint in favor of the Wings, the Avs held the edge in the all-important "goals" department. Two early goals helped the Avs gain an early 2-0 edge and although the lead appeared to be in danger pretty much the entire 2nd and 3rd period, Raycrizzle turned in a very solid performance in the net to preserve the win. I'd like to think Claude was out there somewhere watching this game wearing an Avs sweater and a grin. Since this game started so damn early, I missed the entire 1st period and some of the 2nd. Thanks East Coast start times!

Not only that, but I didn't even realize the Nuggs were playing in Dallas until halfway through the 4th quarter. Another impressive win for the powder blue, with JR Smith having a big night off the bench. A good way to start a stretch of tough games that should provide a good measure of the "Chauncey Effect."