Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cody McLeod Wants You To Forget About the Broncos Meltdown

Thanks Cody, where do I get my #55 sweater? Nice solid win last night for the upstart Avs who have a few injury problems of their own. Crucial to collect as many points as possible during this stretch of home games while getting healthy. So far, so good.
While I didn't see any of it, the Nuggs game in Hotlanta didn't go as well. All I heard on the radio coming back from lil ST's bday party was Melo and Chauney both got T's in the final minutes of the game. If the refs were at fault for the loss, I'm sure Hastings probably tried to get a T as well.

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Sonic Tooth said...

Don't be stealing my McLeod sweater ownership humor!
Seriously. Great offensive showing. Avs creeping up the Western standings...