Sunday, December 14, 2008

What The Hell, Bro???

Things were looking great for the B'cos when they took the field this afternoon. KC was comfortably ahead of the Chargers as that game was winding down and Denver marched down the field on their opening drive for a seemingly easy TD. It appeared that the AFC West was in the bag. Then everything went to complete shit. The Chiefs fell victim to a late game Phillipe Rios flurry and an onside kick to choke away the game. Meanwhile, back in Carolina, the Sex Panthers were throwing all over the field and the Broncos offense went to sleep after the 1st quarter. (I'm really surprised that screen pass didn't work on the 12th time they tried to run it).

So, the Chargers are still alive and next week's game against the Bills at home will likely be meaningful (unless SD loses its morning game in Tampa). A pretty lackluster game today all around, where everything seemed to be going wrong. There was no pass defense, inconsistent offense, and the obligatory Prater missed FG. Buffalo was eliminated from playoff contention today, so they won't be playing for anything next week. Unfortunately, it appears we probably will be. It would be a really bad time to drop an egg at home.


Sonic Tooth said...

Was "lucky" enough to catch the 2nd half in the Boise airport. Lackluster.

The magic number remaining one now scares me a little - after what I saw of the Broncos today and the Chargers' inspired effort to salvage a win in their game.
Damn you Marmalard!

Young Bear said...

TD, as the moniker's creator, i must implore you to use the entire spanish spelling of that as*hole's name, not your mixed Franco-Latin "Phillipe Rios."
It's Felipe Rios, and maybe four times during that game yesterday, my deep-seeded hatred for that Alabama prick intensified.
What's wrong with that jerk?

My "magic" number is still at 3, as in the number of games that have to go wrong for the Broncos to lose out on the playoffs.

War Boise.
ST, was the carpet at the airport, SMURF TURF?

TroutDog said...

Felipe it is! Or maybe I should just stick with Marmalard. I hope they play that SD-TB game next week at Las Officinas. Anyone interested in going with me to sit in the South Stands?

Sonic Tooth said...

no smurf turf, but Boise obviously loves their own Broncos. Lots of propaganda in the airport...

3 games has to go right