Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sammy Would've Put More Pressure on the QB

Lots of griping going down at the TD HQ between Sonic Tooth, 30-Pack Thief and myself on why the B'cos couldn't get a win today and secure, or possibly pad their surprising AFC West lead today. Here are some highlights:

1) Our Defense Sucks

2) We Fumble Way Too Much

3) The Receiving Corps Is Decimated Right Now and Looks Like Arena League Quality Talent After B-Marsh

4) The Refs Jobbed Us On Two Big Calls

#1 above is the most troubling and glaring reason why even if we get to the playoffs, we would be ousted immediately.


TroutDog said...

Ok, I've been channel surfing quite a bit during this Avs game, but I still haven't seen a Granato GMC commercial. Is Adam Foote now the designated Avs spokesman?

Sonic Tooth said...

Sammy pretty much always brings pressure.

Sonic Tooth said...

...and that Chargers game last night should strike fear in the hearts of Broncos fans. They dismantled the Pats. I hate to say it (i REALLY hate to say it) but Felipe Rios looks pretty money. Good God, he lit up lil' ol' Deltha O'Neal, and pretty much the entire Pats secondary.

Sonic Tooth said...

oh, and for the record, when it comes to Sammy's ability to pressure the QB you truly have to credit that hound's work ethic, as well as the fact that he's barely a foot tall and kind of squirmy when you try and corral him.

even back in his Pop Warner days he has always had an extremely quick first move too. most guards and tackles can't handle it with out some double or triple team help.

TroutDog said...

Don't forget his silky coat! He still gives defensive coordinators nightmares. Also, he was a bit of a pioneer of that whole dread look, but with his long ears tucked out the back of his helmet.

I don't like all of this Chargers momentum. I guess the Dolphins beat the Pats and the Chargers, but the Chargers destroyed the Pats, so maybe the Fins are the odds on Super Bowl favorite.

TroutDog said...

Oh yeah, I did enjoy seeing Eli and company get thrashed by the lowly Browns last night (maybe not quite as much as seeing the Red Sox get trampled followed by a Dodger bullpen meltdown. That was golden Broxton.)