Friday, October 17, 2008

Quite the barnburner at Magness

Not my normal post fodder...but I've got to say tonight's DU victory over Wisconsin was some pretty prime hockey viewing.

On a night with rather bleak professional sports action, the Pios/Badgers did not disappoint when I settled into the easychair this evening, complete with a major DU comeback in the 3rd - which seemed mighty improbable; very compelling stuff. Hopefully DU will treat me to more of the same this year. They sure do like to throw the puck on net. (~50 shots on goal tonight!?!?!) That shit makes for some fun hockey to watch.


DeathTruck said...

Would you say they really know how to 'pound the stike-zone'... I'm sorry, I guess I'm having some Jeff Huson withdrawls.

War Turco getting his Budaj on.

TroutDog said...

Yeah, i didn't see the end of that game last night and I found out after the fact that I could've had some free tickets. Damn! Do want to make it to a game at Magness this year.

Was the 30-pack thief in attendence?

Pretty crazy Avs game today too. Offense doesn't seem to be a problem for this team. Might want to consider not playing the entire 3rd period in your own zone next time, fellas. They almost got their Rays on. Loved seeing the Morrow tying goal overturned! We own Turco, always have....