Tuesday, October 14, 2008

GMC Curse?

I don't know how the logistics go when it comes to hiring a regional spokesman for your commercials, but it seems a little odd that coach G gets denied again after both of his predecessors got the gig. And both coach q and h have been immoratalized in local commercial history around these parts. I mean how many times do you walk down the 16th street mall and hear some Mom yelling at her 3-year kid, 'And you just QUIT on me!!!!'. Or some suave bro-brah at 3-dog tell some drunk chick: It's time for a line change. I think coach G is up for the task of taking on these trendy one-liners.

So I guess what the title of this post is getting at, and what I'm getting at is ... is maybe it's GMC's fault. I mean they obviously have it out for coach G, and I'd kind of like to see the guy succeed. Nothing against Footer. I saw the commercial prolly like 4 times tonight, and I'll always be a fan of the feisty defenseman (although that delay of game penalty tongiht was quite costly), but GMC commercials are something he should do like 7 years from now when he's coaching in Hershey or wherever the farm teams are these days. In other words (i.e.), leave the GMC commercials to coaches. I direct that comment towards GMC only.

I know what all of you are thinking:

'Hey DT, give GMC a break! They lost their beloved radio show"

and to that I say: fair enough. I and other Av fans have also lost that radio show. Oh how I'll miss the hockey mom's who call in with their minor league sons ready to be called up by coach Q himself (by the way, I heard this delightful joke from some broad about a hockey mom and like... I think it was like alabradoodle or something). But I'm suggesting that maybe there is a correlation between the suckiness of these first 3 games, and Coach G not getting any GMC airtime. Huh? Whammy?

And I hearby declare KTH to be the first site to coin the phrse: "The Two Codys".

And I think we all can agree that Budaj kind of blows. Great 2nd period I guess, but can you put together 3 good periods?

I'm sorry for the rant, but the last 3 games have flat out sucked (Mudhoney would have put it a different way).


TroutDog said...

I'm feeling you DT. There has to be a lot of head-scratching going on down at the Pepsi Center as to how the Avs could still be winless and pointless after these first few games. But, you shine a sobering light on why that can't get in the W or OTL column.

My first inclination was to blame Budaj. He was getting peppered in the first, but goal number 3 was a very saveable backhander through the 5 hole. Do you got to stand tall on those plays. And goal 2 was the result of a botched infield fly that he miss played. Shit dude, this ain't intramurals, this is WESTERN CONFERENCE HOCKEY!

Now I know what the real problem is. I'm going to start graphing GMC sales against the Avs winning percentage to make this scientific and present the evidence to Avs Brass.....

TroutDog said...

Sorry for the typos...Do - Dude. And that should be Ms. Played.

DeathTruck said...

Funny how you associated this post with the word sobering...

TroutDog said...

If this was posted in a non-sober state, then the heck with sobriety I say!

Sonic Tooth said...

wow. is DT getting paid by the word suddenly?
seriously. the games have sucked. 1 goal losses always do I guess, but 3 in a row to start the season? Budaj's 5th goal allowed last night was a softie...simply put.
i know it's early but I think it's OK to use the lyric as Mudhoney had intended when the Avs suck so badly to start a season. (even if it offends 30 pack thief's curious & intrigued G-rated blog audience)
Flat Out Fucked!