Sunday, November 11, 2007

When are the stanley cup playoff tickies going on sale?

They'll probably go on sale right after we figure out who we're playing in the finals. Oh wait, the Monfort Bros don't own the Avs... good because I'd kinda like to go to an avs playoff game. Budaj, Jose, shit don't matter; we friggin dominate this national hockey league (except for vancouver?). Not a huge blog here, but c'mon the avs are just straight up nasty right now (not to mention how nasty the donkeys were today).
... and I'm looking for any sort of excuse to put up a Dick Monfort photo on the web.
... and I might have been doing some Sunday boozing again.


Young Bear said...

i would never know how these guys looked if not for this blog.

TroutDog said...

Deathtruck, I'm mighty impressed that you were able to rip on the Monforts within a pro-Avalanche blog....well done.