Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What Happened to Tradition?

I don't really have time to do a detailed post here (I'm, you know, at work and stuff), but it's already 10am MST, the Broncos are tied for 1st in the vaunted AFC West, and there is nothing on KTH. That ain't right. Sammy Winder and I were in the South Stands for last night's balmy late November MNF game. Very solid outing by the offense (A-), very suspect performance by the defense (C), and a schizophrenic night for the special teams (B-). Maybe 'lil Cutlet is starting to emerge from behind the shadow of the Snake. (Notice irony - Can a snake really have a shadow?)

All things considered, a huge victory for the B'cos if they (actually) want to keep their playoff hopes alive. I'm not too thrilled about the prospect of getting hammered in the playoffs (although getting hammered for watching the playoffs sounds great), but what the hell, some one has to win the West.


DeathTruck said...

New rule: The Broncos are not allowed to call a timeout until the last 5 minutes of a half.

That shit could have cost us the game.

Other than that, it was an extremely enjoyable game to watch.

Bring on those lame ass Bears!

captwhatshisname said...

Best game of the year so far, finally a complete performance. Agreed that the D can improve, but they are much better than earlier in the year. Nice to see a punt return... hate to see the fumble. Execution was there... no pentalies in the first half... good blocking... etc.

Still want to see us use the TE more, especially in the red zone.

Earlier in the year (after the Whale Vagina drubbing) I stated I didn't want to make the playoffs and watch us get crushed... but I have flip flopped. I think we can finish 5-1 and to get to 10-6... win the west... and then anything can happen in the playoffs. I don't see us beating the Pats or Colts, but any given Sunday, etc.

Mac said...

If I were the Pats (note to Mr. Kraft, I am available for adoption)the LAST team I'd want to see in the playoffs is the Broncos.

DeathTruck said...

I was sort of thinking the same thing; we own those punks.

Riggins said...

This team seems to be coming together at times. Schedule gets a lot easier with some very winnable games down the stretch. 10-6 or 9-7 wins this division. Keep building that confidence.

TroutDog said...

The schedule does get fairly easy. However, going down the list of remaining games last night with Sammy Winder, they all seem both winnable and loseable. I guess I haven't been impressed enough to say we're definitely going to beat any NLF on any given sunday. Maybe that sentiment stems back to witnessing the season finale loss last year to Mac's Niners at home to crush what should've been a sure playoff birth.

Gotta be glad to at least be in the hunt.

TroutDog said...

Agreed on the time outs, DT.....Nothing is more mind-dumbingly uninteresting, not to mention anti-football, than seeing the head coach vs. place kicker chess match. Cut that Mickey Mouse shit, Shanny. It worked once at a crucial juncture, but it's time to move on. Icing the kicker is already stupid enough.

Young Bear said...

Sorry for no extended post, I have earlier and heightened duties with the holidays upon us.

Great win. Period. Cutler is dope. He is really starting to properly distribute the ball. (More like brady, less like the TO-obsessed Romo) 10-6 is realistic, and other than the Pats (who(m) we've obvi owned) i don't fear anyone. THe Colts?!@?!? Have you seen them play the last two weeks!?!?!? The Dolphins could have beaten them.


Young Bear said...

Tradition needs to get organized!

Sammy Winder said...

this Bronco team can only be taken on a week by week basis.
you invite them to climb in the sack after last night's quality performance, and who knows?
they may have flashbacks to the Chargers or Lions games and shit the bed...in turn, that stool might be a tad loose and create a horrid mess. you're fast asleep when it happens and wind up tossing and turning around in it before you finally wake up-screaming & running for the shower.

sorry to paint that picture for you but it could happen, I don't trust those fuckers.

oh yeah, bring on the Bears!

TroutDog said...

I've got a burrito riding on this game!

By the way, nice analogy, Sammy. I feel the same caution about this team.

Riggins said...

Best analogy of the year Sammy! My only thought is what team outside of NE would you get in bed with from the AFC?? Example,The Burg losing to the NYJ. I listen to many a national media host calling them one of the best teams in football, any given Sunday boys!

Young Bear, Smash was guest staring are SUV last night. Fresh gangster!