Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Matt Holliday, You're Next!

Like muthafuckin' Archimedes!

Jimmy Rollins will soon become public enemy #1 'round the 303. First, it was Troy Tulowitski and the Rockies' leftfielder is sure to be next. I, you, and all of us, must keep the "regular season" moniker in mind. The fielding stats between Tulo and Rollins are borderline identical. The only thing that stands out is that Tulo has about 80 more assists (561-479) and also has the unassisted triple play.

Matt Holliday will NOT be named the National League MVP. I obviously hope I am wrong, but.....

Best fielding team in the history of the sport has nary ONE Gold Glove.


Riggins said...

No crap!! I could not believe that when I saw it last night. 2 Phillies win gold gloves in that shoebox they call a stadium. Kaz might have won the HR title playing there too!

TroutDog said...

I'm glad this blog was posted. I was thinking of something similar after I saw zero golden gloves for the best fielding team in history.

I would also bet that Holliday doesn't get MVP.

But, who cares about all of the individual honors. I'm sure Phillies fans would trade those awards for the NL Pennant. And no Jermoe Walton jinx for Tulo!!

Sammy Winder said...

Anybody want to buy a Jerome Walton Upper Deck rookie?
Asking price = pennies.

I equate the lack of Gold Gloves on the Rockies' team that had the best fielding team in MLB history to the NFL HOF and the mere one Bronco. (wait, did Tony Dorsett enter as a Bronco?)
Whatever, I guess it could be argued that the Rockies' defense was an all around team-effort...?

Young Bear said...

Sam Wind, bite your tounge!
While it most surely was a team effort, you could argue for most of the infield. David wright is a joke, right?

Young Bear said...

War Jerome Walton takes.

What about Dwight Smith? The other hot Cub outfielder who, like Romey Rome, played maybe 3-4 years, tops!

Sammy Winder said...

Jeez, i don't even recall Dwight Smith.
I do however recall opening a pack of Upper Deck and getting that Jerome Walton rookie. Thinking, "wow, that card's worth 8 bucks!!" feel sort of foolish now.

I have trouble arguing against Rollins. Even though Tulo was straight money and made so many spectacular plays that seemed impossible.
But, yeah not sure about David Wright, wait he plays in NY, he deserves to win.
The worst crime really is Weird Beard Helton getting dissed at first. 2 errors?!?!?! Derek Lee had like 7..