Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Guess what?!? I've got a fever, and the only prescription is....more Lappy.

Excellent hockey game tonight. That 3rd period looked like the fucking playoffs...both the Oilers and the Avs were playing wide-open, balls-out hockey.
Great game by Laperriere...3 points on 2 goals, took a vicious cross-check that didn't get called in that final period too.
I'm liking these Avalanches.


Young Bear said...

No doubt! I was hootin' and hollerin' that whole 3rd period.

I have to say I feel more comfortable with Jose between the pipes.

Sammy Winder said...

never thought I'd think the same way but...Jose has been a bit more solid so far this year.
Budaj did face a flurry in that 3rd which he managed to stand tall against.

TroutDog said...

Jinx, buy me a coke......

Young Bear, please explain the Nugg's woes to KTH Land. Injuries to the bench? Nene's lard ass? The fact that many Nuggs players witnessed firsthand the Sawks dismantling of the Rocks and figured they'd carry out the basketball equivalent? I must admit, I haven't caught much of the east coast swing, but the carnage is gruesome.

Young Bear said...

I must reserve my entire set of takes on the Nuggets for a planned post tomorrow.
Basically: not sweating things, yet. They have played the equivilant of 1 NFL game.
They don't clamp down yet on defense and tend to do much cheating in efforts to get steals--THIS LEADS TO BUCK NAKED JUMPERS!

The past couple nights (all 3 losses) they have also been horrid on the defensive glass. This is an area of concern, as Nene and Melo have never been great on the boards. Camby has to go for 20 every night or they will lose some close games they shouldn't (all 3 losses)

Young Bear said...

I retract the statement about last night's game being close. It wasn't.

The C's like Gardner-Webb playing UK in Rupp Arena, they just kicked ass.

Loved Deadspin's Ashley Judd mention.

DeathTruck said...

Pretty much the only reason why we lost to the Knicks is because of the lack of defensive boards. So many 2nd chances for Zeke and his squad in the 4th quarter.

... Jesus, I turn my back for one day, and the blogging soys are out in full force.

Young Bear said...

You're out? I couldn't resist

Young Bear said...

The High Five is back!!