Sunday, November 25, 2007

Well, Isn't That Special?

Nice to have your season single-handily flushed down the toilet by your punter/kickoff specialist. Way to go Sauerbrun. Kickoff return, punt return, and a blocked punt all leading to 21 points. Sure the defense faltered down the stretch, but this falls squarely at the feet (or foot) of Sauerbraten. You score 34 against the Bears and you should win easily. This one hurts....especially with a great second half from the offense and easily the best game of the year for the defensive line

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Sammy Winder said...

the game was soul-crushing.

it goes deeper than just Saueroid though, I think. the blocked punt was totally a screwed up blocking mess. as soon as the ball was snapped I thought, "oh shit, they've got too many people running down field to neutralize Hester..." needless to say, the Bears were bum rushing that show more than any early Public Enemy record title. that (attempted) punt was also the fucked result of a penalty that negated a perfectly good punt the play before.

time and time again in the past couple years, special teams have been the root of's game they were the goddamn root, trunk, limbs, and the fucking leaves. a disgrace.
no way we should have lost that quote Mrs. Winder after the Bear's turnover midway through the 4th gave the Broncos the ball AND a cushy 14 point lead. "this game is over" I thought so too, fucking chokers.

by the way, looks like the Bears watched some film of the Packers/Broncos overtime game. perfect play call there to lead off the Bear's possession...