Monday, November 12, 2007

A Monday Tradition Returns

What a weekend!?!? Whew…. I watched a lot of sports this weekend, in case you were wondering. It’s a Monday tradition! TOP TEN!


10.) The Broncos bounced back nicely yesterday with their first win at Arrowhead in many a years (since the Griese days.) A sloppy first half was continued by the Chiefs as Damon Huard threw a pick (led to a Selvin Young TD) and fumbled (picked up and scored by Nate Webster) in the second half’s first two minutes. In essence, an 8-6 game quickly became 20-8, before many of the Chiefs were even warmed-up.
In review:
Broncos long drives (>30 yards) turned into touchdowns.
Their short drives turned into long field goals (no FGs attempted inside 40 yards.)
The defense got stops and made plays!!! At 4-5 and one game out of first, the Broncos are far from dead. I also feel strongly that all of their remaining seven games are winnable.

9.) The Nugs had a great weekend (as was predicted here on Friday) with a blowout win on Friday in DC, followed by the 2nd biggest comeback in franchise history in Indy the next night. Gave up 46 in the first quarter to the Pacers, and then allowed only 33 in the entire second half. At 4-3 and just a game behind Utah, I have love for the Nugs for bouncing back after 3 straight losses. LeBron’s in the hizzie tonight! I’ll be working things courtside, so expect a post for tomorrow. Other than the Rockies, the Denver teams all need to focus a bit more on defense.

8.) Although our hockey team is much improved over a year ago in that category. Mixed-bag games this weekend, but they at least got points in both with an OT loss v. Vancouver and a big win last night over the Wild Northstars. The win keeps the Avs in first place with 23 points. This just in, the Avs are a good hockey team.

7.) The College Game: HUGE, no, I mean a “NO BOWL GAME FOR YOU!” type of loss for the Buffs in Iowa. Yes, they can still become bowl eligible with a win next week against Nebraska, but 6-6 isn’t going to impress many bowl reps. Let’s just hope that Oklahoma win holds a lot of weight (ie if the Sooners make the BCS Title game)
AFA representing in South Bend with a bit of a beat-down of Notre Dame. The dub puts them at 8-3 and ready for a decent late-December bowl. Face Buckeyes. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK! RYAN, where are YOU!?!? WAR cup fights.

6.) AFC West Round-up. We all know that KC dropped to 4-5. The Raiders lost to an extremely average Bears (see you in two weeks, Griese) team and the Chargers were far from impressive last night in their win over the champion Colts. Felipe Rios is garbage (have I mentioned that before?) They needed 2 return scores and most importantly they needed the most clutch kicker in league history to suffer from a bout of “non-clutchness.”

5.) AFC Review: Ravens suck, I’m never picking them again. It is great to see the Pittsburgh and Cleveland rivalry is back! Troutdog’s Browns? Dolphins lose again.

4.) NFC: Packers and Cowboys are the class, assuredly. If these two teams don’t meet in the NFC Championship game, I would be surprised. The Giants are decent, but I don’t trust them…. Or Eli. RAMMERS get their first win!!! My Falcons? My Cardinals?

3.) For two years, I coached (football and hoops) a some great kids from Bailey. In addition to this now group of seniors being major victims in the Platte Canyon School shooting from a year ago, they are now in the 2A state semifinals!! When this group was in middle school, the high school team was awful; had been for years. At one of their end of the year banquets, I promised the crowd (5-6 years ago) that if they stayed together they should contend for a state title. Some giggled, some parents rolled their eyes, and the high school coach even warned me afterwards about getting “their hopes up too high.” This Saturday in Bailey v. Holy Family. Mad love to the PCHS Huskies! Hate to say I told you so (as you all know) Coach, but….. you’re welcome. He still needs to throw the ball more.

2.) MAC’s Bay Area Corner: Raiders are brutal (Hey Kid, Play the kid!) The Warriors are winless at 0-5. The Sharks have been disappointing early in the year, but still sit atop the logged-jam Pacific Division. HEY, their old soccer team is still really good!

1.)Speaking of which, the San Jouston Dynaquakes are into the finals for a rematch with New England. Last year’s game with these two teams was great and won by SJ/H. Let’s just hope those Massholes don’t get another title……sorry massholes.

War Selvin Young
War snowflakes at 8500 feet


captwhatshisname said...

Huge win for the Broncos, been waiting for that kind of complete performance all season.

Still bitter about the Buffs game... I don't care what the official ruling is we got hosed.

1st penalty was because we snapped the ball before the ref siad we could... but with 1 second left how are we supposed to wait? Then the ref said DEAD BALL FOUL... so I don't understand how the clock starts before the snap. Lousy former Husker QB was the ref... enough said.

Young Bear said...

The highlights i got sat. evening were brief and confusing, and your takes have me even more perplexed. I would have been nice to see it live, but i guess i do need to see another Texas A&M game.
Unwar the FSN contract with the Big 12. I wonder, do people in Lawrence get more Buffs than Jayhawks' games?

TroutDog said...

Good to see a High 10, especially with so much good news to speak the way, thanks for nothing, Colts!!

Chain Lightning said...

The Pack's shutout of the Viqueens was real nice. They are starting to show some real improvement in the running game.

Favre continues to gel with his young receiving corps. Defense continuing to play solid. Some big games coming up as they are at Detroit on Turkey day and then at Dallas the following week.

Sammy Winder said...

like the Tradition returning!

totally war drunken cup throwing at Memorial Stadium in Lawrence. though as a youngster in attendance, it scared me quite a bit.

the niners are horrible.

TroutDog said...

Worst MNF game...ever. Niners probably lamenting for the days of the peanut-shaped head qb.

Young Bear said...

Where is the Tulo griping?!?!

TroutDog said...

I think Tulo got jobbed, but to be honest, Braun had a pretty impressive year. It's not like he plays in a big market and only got the award on that basis. Finally, Braun had a very key hit in that Sat afternoon game when the Padres were about to clinch the Wild Card. I think he was also productive in the season finale, but I was too busy watching the Rox-DBacks game at Coors that afternoon.

In my book, ROY would've been nice, but I care a lot more about the team accomplishments....Plus, maybe it will further stoke the flames for Tulo. Still got kind of screwed though.