Monday, November 26, 2007

MONDAY TOP TEN (for pitied fools)

The subtitle, “Motivating to Write” would be very appropriate on this Monday morning, as yesterday’s meltdown STILL has me mad and bitter. For some reason, this loss really burns, like Jacksonville ’96 playoff-type sting. Again, the Broncos dominate on both sides of the ball, but lose out on the scoreboard. The special teams are killing them right now. If it is not one thing (Hester returns) it is another (getting dominated in the field position game.)


10.) The Offense moved the ball well, but struggled mightily on 3rd down. They were, however, rather potent on 1st and 2nd down. Andre Hall was right at a c-note, Jay Cutler had another efficient game (31 attempts-300 yards) and scoring in the mid-30s usually garners lots of wins. The really lost, eh?

9.) The defense, although not dope in the clutch yesterday, played a pretty strong overall game. They caused some turnovers, got some sacks, and were stingy for most of the day against the run. If you throw out the 3 (basically) special teams TDs, the defense only gave up half of what the Broncos offense scored.


8.) The special teams were bad even aside from Saueroid’s 3-hour bout of stupidity. The two returns were both his fault (as was that block) but there also just aren’t enough wackos throwing their bodies around. The coverage was brutal in the second half. Even last week’s AFC Special Teams Player of the Week could have run those ones back. Speaking of which, Glenn Martinez? Just because you start a return on the sidelines, does not mean you have to traverse across the field to get into the middle, EVERY TIME! To be honest, Sauerbrun and Co. handled Devin Hester really well in the first half. He wasn’t a factor at all, by nicely placing balls on the ground.


7.) AFC West Round-up: San Diego beat the hapless Ravens and the Raiders took down the Chiefs in KC. Broncos and Chiefs are both bad at home?!?! I also must feel slightly bad for those KU/Chiefs fans who pulled the Arrowhead double….. ouch. The Oakland/KC game was actually a really good back and forth game.

6.) AFC: Pats fail to cover?!?!? But win, nonetheless. Jags continue to impress. Colts get an easy win. Will the Steelers lay consecutive eggs tonight? NFC: It’s the Cowboys and the Packers and not necessarily in that order…..

5.) Nugs with a tough home-road back-2-back this weekend. Nice scrappy win on Friday against Minny (see “the view from 332” below) It is always fun to not only take in a game as a fan for once, but always dope to be with all my peeps. Riggins called the Sat. night meltdown in Clutch City, but it’s not that bad of a loss in the long run, however. This week, the Nugs host the Pacers and Clippers sandwiched around a trip to Staples to run with the Lake Show. West coast heads gonna take in another?

4.) Avs continue to struggle with a bad home loss on Sat night with Calgary. They luckily have a slow week with just a mid-week skate with Edmonton. Still just a point back of Minnesota, but can’t let the West’s elite get too far ahead.

3.) College football is winding down. The Buffs crush the Corn and are now guaranteed a bowl bid with Kansas State’s loss. Mizzou wins the border skirmish. If Oklahoma beats Missouri next week they might as well just put the BCS to bed.

2.) College hoops, on the other hand, is in full swing and a nice distraction from our mediocre pigskin teams. Remember these names, Michael Beasley (KState) Eric Gordon (Indiana) and Derrick Rose (Memphis.) All 3 are freshmen and will be NBA all-stars in 2-3 years. The names OJ Mayo and Kevin Love are also hot diaper dandies with long pro careers ahead of themselves, but these 3 are ridiculous. Try and catch ‘em! My weekly Gonzaga report will return, but the top-25 Zags suffered a tough loss in some holiday tourney to Bob Knight’s Red Raiders.

1)My boys from Platte Canyon HS lost in the 2A state finals to Platte Valley. KUDOS FELLAS! Most of them will be hoopin’ it up this winter for the Huskies basketball squad. So proud of these guys!

War commercials involving Clubber Lang


TroutDog said...

Well said, YB....Glenn Martinez's play was pretty awful. In addition to that fumble, did anyone see him catch a kickoff practically standing out of bounds on the 7 yard line and proceed to run cross-field?!?!? Dude, just let it land out of bounds and we get it on the 40.

Hide is still chapped and thanks to a bet with a Bears fan, I'm one burrito lighter in the wallet.

Can't be hating on the offense here, but having 1st and goal inside the five twice and coming up with 6 points is pretty lame. They did make ammends, however.

TroutDog said...

Oh yeah, can the Patriots really be that good NEVER running the ball? Doesn't that shit not fly in the playoffs?

captwhatshisname said...

You guys nailed it, in this post and the 2 from yesterday. The Bears didn't win that game, we lost it in spectacular fashion. Even after watching it, I'm still is disbelief that we lost after having a 14 point lead late, and the Bears only having 1 good drive in regulation.

Agreed with Sammy Winder, another OT, another big passing gain on the first play from the other team.

Prevent defense in the 4th cost us the lead, too agressive defense in the OT lost it.

Note to Shanahan & Sauerbrun, Devin Hester is good... m'kay?

Young Bear said...

The Broncos lost yesterday, right? I couldn't bear sit through any kind of SportsCenter package this AM.

More than happy to get my Sesame Street on. The wee one just crashed watching Jungle Book.

Riggins said...

How do you lose a game in the NFL to one player?
See Denver Broncos special teams. Thanks for ruining my weekend Broncos.

Young Bear said...

riggins, trip home was smooth?

I was not fun to be around last night.

Mac said...

R.I.P. Kevin DuBrow - the Riot has officially quieted.

Sammy Winder said...

yo, mac...the DuBrow passing is quite sad. however, he was in poor metal health for some time though.

Mac said...

In other news, Noddy Holder still going strong!!

Sammy Winder said...

yes Mac, it seems that the "covered" were "covering" in this great wager we call life.
Broncos=ruin the backend of my holiday weekend, just like my less-than-brilliant fucking car accident ruined the frontend.

2 word review for the holiday weekend.
Shit Sandwich (though the turkey and pie were kind of good in the middle)

Sammy Winder said...

oh and young bear, i recall monitoring that '96 broncos/jags game while at work at Streetlight Records 24th st. in SF on some bizarre sports-line phone number that updated scores regularly. i was shell-shocked as that shit unfolded.

got 'em back the next year nicely though 42-17...i believe a good load of the contributors to KTH were in attendance. (i was...SO hungover)
where have you gone Croce?

TroutDog said...

The famous Charile Brown's b-fast??

For those who think the Quiet Riot talk is too unsportslike for this site, I must mention I saw the Riot play at intermission during an Avs game in the 2001 timeframe. They were way better than the Modern English "gig" I witnessed during halftime of a Nuggets game.

Glad to see the MNF game is delayed due to horrid weather. Might even be watching now.

Sammy Winder said...

yep. Charlie Brown's. did i even eat, or just have Bloodys?

Young Bear said...

That Jax rematch was dope. The Broncos had dueling 100-yard runners that day, too!

Sam, nice Spinal Tap reference. One of my faves.

War Ricky Williams starting for the Dolphins.

Young Bear said...

Mac, where is the Bay Area round-up!?!?

Huge wins for both the miserable professional football teams!

Mac said...

The great Bay Area NFL renaissance begins! And, uh, I didn't watch either game. Didn't get to sit down in front of the TeeVee until Football Night in America, and the Eagles absolute slaughter of the point spread.

Wish I'd seen the Niners, what a game. The Raiders, I pretty much pretend are still in LA.

Sammy Winder said...

that was an absolute slaughter of the point spread...