Friday, November 9, 2007


It was a matter of time. The HIGH FIVE is back and better than ever! While things will still focus predominately on the teams here in Denver, there will still be some national news at times. 1980's-era Dutch soccer is part of the story, hence the dope Ruud shot.

UP HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!

5.) The Broncos have a chance this weekend to get back into the mix of things in the AFC West. Jay Cutler’s status is still uncertain, which makes things tricky, but I have faith that back-up Patrick Ramsey can do the job. Chiefs’ RB Larry Johnson appears to be out, which should help, I guess. I’m somewhat certain; however, that even the geriatric Priest Holmes will flirt with Adrian Peterson’s newly minted single-game record. I’m going to stay positive and think that this will be a rare win in Arrowhead.

4.) The Nuggets face the winless Bullets tonight in Chocolate City. Word is that a bum digit will keep Nene out of action for the next six weeks. Ugh. This dude is snakebitten. Time to up Kenyon’s minutes! A win tonight and later this weekend in Indy should help salvage what has been a bad roadie to this point. LeBron is back in the Mile High City on Monday night. I’ll be acceptin’. I have a small piece on Linas to script, so I will be sitting down with him a bit pre-game.

3.) Avs off to a great start, as we have properly documented. Tonight, they are in Vancouver for another of their 30 games together. It’s obviously all about Lappy. That and their forward-stocked roster which has four lines that all produce.

2.) College Football Primer: The Buffs need this win in Ames against Iowa State tomorrow morning. Not only will the win make them “bowl eligible” but it will also set them up nicely for their day-after Thanksgiving game with the hated Corn. With youngins up and down the lineup, the future looks bright in Boulder.
The Air Force Falcons (already B.E.) take on the Domers in South Bend and actually enter as the favorite in Vegas. Great chance for a statement win on national television in hopes of procuring the best bowl possible. Kudos to first-year coach Troy Calhoun (former Broncos asst.) for a great year, despite following the legendary Fisher DeBerry. They already have a few quality wins and have exceeded all expectations.

1.) In soccer news, the LA Galaxy went back across the pond to hire former Dutch captain Ruud Gullit as their new head coach.
MLS Final is almost set as New England (yeah, we need another good Boston team, after four straight SI covers) won the East last night. They will face the winner of the KC v. Houston game. Nice bike kick goal by US Nat’l Taylor Twellman in a conference final! Our boy Hoppy is still in the mix and was working the sidelines last night.

War the 1988 Dutch National Soccer Team (shot above from the ’88 European Champion Final. TOR!)


Mac said...

This blog is great, but it could use more Bay Area sports coverage, and more Meat Puppets.

Young Bear said...

No doubt! Who(m) is charge of assuring we meet our Meat Puppets' quota?

Sammy Winder said...

aha! i know who that Mac is!!!!!

well it can be said that I did rather like the Meat Puppets comeback album that was recently released, "Rise to your Knees".
But not quite as much as the Curt Kirkwood solo effort from last year, "Snow"

for bay area lone bright spot seems to be the Sharks. the JR signing seems to be working out pretty nicely. (i had my doubts)
Hope the A's bounce back from a pretty dreadful season. where was that late season run???

love those old CCCP jerseys by the way, in that old footie pic

Young Bear said...

The "mac" moniker didn't ring a bell, but i figured with the Bay Area mention..... welcome back, MAC!
I need to get a listen to both those records, Sam.

Those Russian teams were awesome, not quite like the hockey comrades, but dope. I think some of them were exiled to Siberia, though, after losing that game to Holland.

Sammy Winder said...

siberia is a hell of a place to be exiled...

Young Bear said...

Either that, or their Blue Jeans "privileges" were cut off.

Remember, how those crazy Ruskies used to treat a regular ol' pair of Levis like they were made of gold?
What A Country!?!?!

Sammy Winder said...

not sure i can condone rampant Yakov Smirnoff quoting within this forum.

DeathTruck said...

In Russia, car drives you.

Sammy Winder said...

what did i say?!?

OK. Deathtruck, grab your things and leave.

Mac said...

Too many "Steves" in the office have officially designated me a "Southie" type nickname. Me, Murph, and Smitty are headed down to Foxwoods this weekend.

Young Bear said...

Is Sully busy or something?

Mac said...

Sully! Fuck, I can't believe i added Smitty when I coulda had Sully.

TroutDog said...

I had a long, rambling comment, but it somehow didn't register....Big Star's 3rd album is way under-rated.....fuck the Bangles.