Sunday, January 6, 2008

Hot Nuggets!!!

No, not the ones that come out of your ass, but the ones that play b-ball here in Denver. TD, Flow-Blow, and myself took in the game this evening at the can to witness the beat down of the 76ers. Pretty fun game, although the Nuggets looked a little sloppy on the offensive end... no matter though, as AI's sharp shooting and Melo's big 1st half were enough to put away the opposition.

I must say that it's very noticable when Camby is on the bench, in that the Nugs completely stop getting rebounds. We'll be screwed if anything happens to him.

After the 3rd quarter, the 3 of us snuck down to the lower level to get a better glimpse of the NBA action (and after getting busted by one usher on our fist attempt). Fortunately for all of us at KTH, I got close enough to snap another award winning photo for our blog (see above)... enjoy!


TroutDog said...

It's great to sneak down to the lower bowl so you can sit behind some punk that has his feet up on the seat next to you and "just don't give a shit."

TroutDog can't stop talking about how the kid to adult ratio at Nuggets games are grossly higher than at an Avs game. The lack of beer and urinal lines tell it all. Kids love the basketballs.

A hot streak for the Nuggs, who are officially a 2-man show offensively with AI and Melo. Those two are dominat. Nene needs a foot up his ass.

TroutDog said...

Didn't get to see too much of that Suns game last night, but I do see they sank 20 3's. That's just too many 3-pointers to allow an opponent.

DeathTruck said...

I watched a litte of the game, and we were getting our asses pretty early on... 78 points in the 1st half?