Friday, January 4, 2008

No need to be sad.

I guess I'll do a short post on the Nugs win last night, even though we've already commented on it a bit. Like TD said it's always a rarity to beat the Spurs, so we must savor it (despite the foreign flopper being injured). Although, we did let them come back after being up by like 16 (i think it was 16), the victory was nice.

I think we now can see how good this team can be with all of our bigmen healthy; no longer getting killed by offensive rebounding.

Fuckin'-A right sad Duncan face (tough to find one on the web)!


captwhatshisname said...

Big win, I thought it was going to slip away like so many previous games have in the last few years.

Trivia Question: When was the last time the Nuggets scored only 80 points... and won?

TroutDog said...

Not in the Paul Westhead era?

DeathTruck said...

Were Orlando Woolridge and Marcus Liberty in the hizzie at the time?

Sonic Tooth said...

"I guess I'll do a short post..." what?!?! is a "short post" going to kill you? Maybe take away from your precious bar I mean studying?
c'mon DT(s) you started this thing, don't drop the ball here.
That said (no hard feelings there deathtruck) it was a very nice game that- like the good capt said - seemed precariously close to slipping away like a lot of games in recent memory. Let's just say I don't watch close Nuggets games against good teams and radiate confidence. (I radiate confidence in many other situations though) Congrats Nugs.
The post title strikes me as a bit humorous as the Sad Duncan Face is as a concept, and a legitmate one at that, he really has No Need to be sad. Come mid-April the hated Spurs will be ready to rape and pillage their way through the playoffs and into the Finals.
I hope I'm wrong.