Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Answer Indeed

Not quite Nick Nolte, but a pretty decent mug....... I only saw the final quarter of this game, but the Nuggets can thank AI for pulling this one out. The staff at Footlocker might also deserve some of the credit. (To be fair, there were some questionable calls both for and against the Nuggets late in the game. This is the NBA after all.) Down the stretch, AI was the only Nugget that seemed confident with the rock. Melo? Not so much. His clutchness doesn't seem to be quite what it used to be. Make no mistake, that Allen cat can ball in crunch time. I bet he might even give Prince a decent run one-on-one.

This win is nice, but the fact that the Nuggets don't win comfortably at home against the worst team in the West is a little troubling. As usual, we seem to play up to and down to the competition. A loss tonight would've been pretty devastating. The Nuggets can forget about this one and be glad with the victory.

Off topic, but I'm sort of pleased to see the Holliday deal. Not huge news, but hopefully a sign of things to come. Word.


Sonic Tooth said...

Game, blouses.

DeathTruck said...

You know where you bought those clothes, and it sure as hell wasn't in the men's department.

Word on the Tulo signing as well. In fact....:

War the Tulo signing.

TroutDog said...

Pretty lame Nuggets-Lakers game last night. Camby and the L-Train played well, but that was about it.

Funny how when they play defense they dominate the game, but then they stop, it all goes to shit. In fairness, Fischer was shooting out of his ass. That seemed to break their back in the 3rd after rallying to take the lead.

The Melo injury didn't help either.

DeathTruck said...

Indeed, that game was just tough to watch; Fischer's 3s were killing us (especially since we never answered).