Sunday, January 13, 2008

Not too much Svatos. Too much Svatos.

I must admit, I didn't watch a lot of the 3rd period comeback, after being quite frustrated with the squad: our first game in a while that we actually score goals, and now our defense has a hick up. It seemed like everytime we'd put one in the net, the 'canes immediately answered.
But Svatos is still keeping this team alive in this weird abominable state the avs seem themselves in (at least offensively). 2 goals from Svatos last night; or as I like to call him MVP Marek.
Hopefully we can keep the momentum going into Florida tonight/afternoon.
Come on super avs!


TroutDog said...

That was a pretty awesome comeback victory and oh so necessary for this team's confidence. The biggest win of the year so far?? Let's see if the momentum translates into more road wins on this trip.

DeathTruck said...

The young Sakic-less avs started to find their niche... shit, 2 straight?

Sonic Tooth said...

well the offense (and Svatos !! 20 goals and counting) keeps it going in FLA, and Jose stones 'em in the shootout this afternoon for a couple more points.
to be said in a French-Canadian accent after the shootout in reference to Hejduk.
"He has magic hands."

one question for DT, what's up with all of the Svatos energy drink photos? are you part of the marketing team?

DeathTruck said...

For whatever reason, those pictures are one of the first ones to pop up when I do a google image search for 'marek svatos'.

Perhaps, that Czech prodcut would like to sponsor us here KTH.

TroutDog said...

A win in Tampa Tuesday and this road trip doesn't look half bad.

Props to the rebounding Avs who have suddenly rediscovered their scoring touch.

Svatos should be getting a big boost in salary for the energy drink ads the ways putting up goals. The set for those photos is god-awful.

Riggins said...

Seriously, is that photo set an Olan Mills original without the fall tree or snow background! Keep rolling Av's.