Monday, January 21, 2008

Lock him up...

According to the Rockies website the new contract for Tulo is a done deal. 6 years $30mil...could (should) be an amazing steal for the Rox. I like this move A LOT.
This is encouraging from a franchise standpoint to see. Here's hoping the question mark at second base isn't a problem next year...would love it if Marcus Giles pans out, and continues terrorizing Coors Field with his bat, only now with the home-team.
Cue up the R. Kelly (or whatever that lame batting-entrance music is that Tulo had last year...)
Now, how about some extensions for Hawpe & Atkins?


DeathTruck said...


According to the Denver Post, Baker is trying to get the job at second base. He'll have to post better than a .222 batting average to be a regular starter on this championship team. Who knows, maybe he will.

TroutDog said...

What's not to love about Tulo at SS for the next 6 years with an option for the 7th? By then, there should be several World Series banners flying at Coors.

With all of the hats in the 2B ring, someone has got to be able to step up. I still wish we had KazMat, but there is hope that there will not be too much of a drop off defensively or offensively.

Word on locking up G-Dog and Hawper. Also, I hope there is some continuing discussions fOR a longer-term deal with Holliday while the Monfucks have their wallet open. I helped line their coffers recently and would feel a bit of vindication if these type of signings continue.

Just over 2 months before this mofo gets going!

(Anyone spot the subtle 80's SST undercurrent in this comment?)

Sonic Tooth said...

i thought that you just got a little overwhelmed with the Shift Key...not trying to convince me to listen to fIREHOSE.

TroutDog said...