Friday, January 18, 2008

Foppa Can You Hear Me?

This is the most kick-ass date ever!!!

But really.....not all that much too much to complain about down at the Can tonight, except for maybe the officiating and lack of offensive output. For a team that is essentially playing 60 minutes short-handed, spending extra time in the sin bin doesn't equate to victories. Can't feel too terrible with getting a point out of tonight's game, but two would've been sweet. Lappy's fight was entertaining. Too bad Sonically Tardy Tooth missed both goals and the fight.

Speaking of the need for extra fire power, a certain Peter Forsberg is looking for a team. Count this post as one old-time fan's vote to bring back one of the top three best Avs ever. (Super Joe and Patty being the other two, OBVI!! Apologies to Ray Borque, Craig Wolanin, and Warren Rychel.) I believe we have some cap room and I imagine Peter the Great would give some preference to the Avs. Hell, even give him back his former Golden Triangle penthouse suite. Who knows, maybe the Meat Puppets would even play during intermission of the first game back when he dons the Avs sweater. (ST-The Not too much reference is MP-related I've found....brilliant!)

Can Peter McNabb's hard-on be far behind? (No pun intended.)


DeathTruck said...

I second that motion to bring back Peter the Great.

From my living room it looked like Jose had another solid game; good to see him finally come back to his Hart Trophy self. I was going eagerly wanting to put up a 'You Will Respect My 1-goal Victory' post towards the end of the game, but you know... we didn't win.

Sonic Tooth said...

what? not too much, too much-is Meat Puppets related?

my hearty post-Can hangover this morning thankfully didn't adversely effect a nice day on the slopes of Copper.

DeathTruck said...

Perhaps 'Up in the Sun' is due for a listen then.

TroutDog said...

Not too much more (svatos), too much more (svatos).

The Nuggs better not blow this game to the hapless t-wolves.

Sonic Tooth said...

correct you are. need go no further than the title track in fact.