Saturday, March 1, 2008

I'm Now the Old Guy at the Meat Puppets Show

A couple of nights ago, the legendary SST band and KTH darlings, the Meat Puppets graced the stage of the Gothic Theatre in Denver. It's been about 15 years since I've last seen the Puppitos play live and I must say they did not disappoint. While the set was a tad short (they were opening for Built to Spill), the set list was pretty satisfying. After opening with the epic Touchdown King, they ripped through other classics such as Lake of Fire, Up on the Sun, Sam, and Plateau.

And while the band didn't seem to have skipped a beat (even with a new drummer), there was something distinctively different about seeing the Pupps again after all of these years. At past shows, I always seem to remember being a youngster at a show largely populated by an older crowd. Well, I guess I've now become that older guy who is probably a little too stoked when I hear the opening bars of Up on the Sun. I wondered if many of the 20-something crowd even noticed that Curt Kirkwood is now playing a Strat, instead of the classic sunburst Les Paul. Well, I surely did, but I'm just one of those old dudes at a Meat Puppets show.........rock on brothers.


Sonic Tooth said...

wish I could have been an Old Guy at the Meat Puppets show. i'm an Old Guy with a toddler.

DeathTruck said...

War me not being the old guy for another couple of years.

War them coming back into town as a headliner (hopefully).

Unwar the pups not giving KTH a shout out during their set (maybe they still haven't done the internets yet).