Friday, March 21, 2008

So Long Jason...

...and bring your weird religious-football-novel-writing-crap with you down to Hotlanta.

Seriously, people really like to have gods and such, so I shouldn't bring that into the conversation I guess, and Jason Elam was a cornerstone of Broncos football for years, of that there is no room for argument. (unlike any religion debate)

The dude holds the franchise records in games played in a Broncos uniform to begin with, and I was really wishing he would be back. He was totally clutch last year for a team that pretty much blew, and that probably allowed him to get a 4-year (wow!?!) deal out of Atlanta. The Falcons though do seem to love an aged kicker. see: Morten Andersen

Hard to get too nutty bent out of shape about the departure of a kicker, but #1 will be missed and he will definitely wind up on the Ring of Fame. Rich Karlis and David Treadwell can't say that...

Now for a photo that I'd prefer to have as a lasting image of Jason Elam, Denver Bronco...kicker.

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TroutDog said...

Sweet tribute to Elam. I agree it's a shame we couldn't keep him, but I think his value has certainly dropped as of late. Wish we would've picked Crosby last year.

Good luck EEL-LAMB. I was there for the 63-yarder. Respeck.