Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Peter's Line Looks Good To Me

I didn't get a chance to see the 1st period, but the 2nd period action has been entertaining, with exception of that unlucky PP goal by the Canucks. The Sakic-Forsberg-Hejduk line seems to be gelling like it were 2000. Kind of troubling that they have no goals to show for all the slick passing. (As the YB pointed out, you can almost hear fans yell "Shoot It" through the TV.) That will come soon, no doubt. Hopefully here in the 3rd period.

Win or lose, it's great to see Sakic and Forsberg skating again. Go Avs!!!


TroutDog said...

My Main Man Liles!!

DeathTruck said...

Is Forseberg doins some sort of Rock Dick impersonation in this photo?

Hopefully this post doesn't provoke some sort of Fuentes late game... well maybe I shouldn't bring it up.

TroutDog said...

Thankfully, Jose Theodore, not Brian Fuentes is responsible for saving Avs games. (Did I just type that?)

Damn, that was a little close on that last shot. Props Theo!

Huge Win!! The Sakic line will pout in goals soon, mark my words....

Sonic Tooth said...

An entertaining game, and Theo took on a dicey flurry at the end.
Great result...and Forsberg looked good for someone away from NHL action for almost an entire year.

Go Avs indeed.

(Don't know that I can condone the typing or utterance of "My Main Man Liles" regardless of the game-winner off his stick)

Non-Avs comment. Blow me, Javon.

TroutDog said...

Agreed on Liles...was a huge goal and wicked shot though. I'd love to see more of that.

An encouraging report about Smyth returning before the end of the season. Sounds like he's recoverying from the concussion. I guess the question would be would he go anywhere near the boards when he returns? I hope he hasn't seen the video replay.

Agreed on Javon too. What a bust for us.

Sonic Tooth said...

YB. you may avoid KTH like the plague...but bring the noise at the Can tomorrow against the Ducks.


DeathTruck said...

nice little w for the nugs last night.

TroutDog said...

Indeed, YB.....that Can better be a rocking!