Monday, March 24, 2008

Caller: Cindy from Westminster

HUGE win for the Avs tonight, and a mighty solid one at that, I must say. Great Defense. Great Goaltending. No need to call up a trio of unknowns from Double-A to get these points.

Obvious effort in the defensive zone from Wolski, not sure I've ever noticed him playing D with such purpose?? Great night from a couple guys I don't think of as difference-makers usually, Tyler and Jordan (I use their first names because they sound fruity & gay) The insurance goal had some fucking amazing assist-work from Smyth and Stastny.

Theodore was money. That shutout was a good one. Let's keep this momentum on the upswing for Wednesday night's game against the Nux. I know me and TD would appreciate it up in da' 350.

I'm currently in talks with a couple labels for the rights to release the debut of my one-person doom metal, stratified dark guitar landscapes project, "Salei's Eye", it sounds like Ruslan's right eye looks.


DeathTruck said...

I'm sure that debut album will be pretty brutal.

The passing on that 2nd goal was pretty awesome. Props to the Duke for handling that pass as well; it didn't look that easy.

Not a dupe at all... a trio.

DeathTruck said...

Keep TD away from the can.

Sonic Tooth said...

Probably should keep me away from the Can luck this year ain't any better, but we'll be there Wed night.

Maybe they'll let Salei's Eye pre-empt Fuckface Schroeder to perform the Anthem?

TroutDog said...

Holy shit, how did this post slip in...didn't even see it last night. Coordination needed indeed. I guess quiet Monday evenings and huge Avs wins brings the blogger out in all of us.

Props to Salei's Eye taking out Jake tomorrow evening.

DT - It will take a nation of millions to keep me away from the Can. Myself and ST have been bad luck, but as the old gambler's adage goes, We're Due!!