Monday, March 31, 2008

Coach Q Could Learn Something from Johnny Fever

As confirmed yesterday by DT and myself, Coach Q's often-aired "GMC Rocks" commercial starts with some rather curious DJing...."You're on the air. Let's go to the phones." What?!?!?! In addition to this spot being way over-played and highly annoying, it doesn't even make sense. Makes me pine for the days of Bob Hartley yelling at an engine block "YOU QUIT ON ME!!"

More importantly, the Avs scratch out a much-needed point on the road against the Wild. While two points would've been sweet, considering they quickly fell behind 2-0 and the Wild's defensive style of play, this was a "good" OT loss on the road. With Calgary losing last night to the Canucks, the 6-8 spots got even tighter. A win in Vancouver Tues would be huge!


Sonic Tooth said... know, I've noticed that inaccurate DJ sequence as well.

Agreed, it was a fairly satisfying 1 point considering the early hole they found themselves in.

Young Bear said...

The Western Conference in both hockey and basketball are so damn good.

Has there been any Lewis/Floorwax v. Foote/Sakic discussion????

TroutDog said...

Yeah, the two Western Conferences are similarly insane and fiercly competitive.


Young Bear said...

Those goons from 103.5 the Fox that fight Sakic and Foote in that commerical?

Sonic Tooth said...

wha? i've never seen that commercial.

i've certainly heard my share (in the past) of Lewis & Floorwax though.

TroutDog said...

Yeah, I'm in the dark on this one it old?

Young Bear said...

I don't know if it is old, but your collective ignorance of the spot is startling! I seem to see it ALL the time on ALT.
Nugs blow huge lead in PHX. Get em again tonight, then 3 easy games in a row

TroutDog said...

This is puzzling...the other ad I see on ALT all of the time is the Sinclair - so the young chemical engineer graduate can get a job in the town she was born. Presumably, this is Sinclair, Wyoming. Not really a strong selling point.

The Nuggs game was brutal. Classic Jekyl and Hyde game. Will be interesting to see how they respond tonight.

I don't like Rocks-Nugs-Avs triple headers tonight!

DeathTruck said...

Yep, the Sinclair ad is on pretty regularly. Although it is quite suprising you don't remember the Sakic/Foote Lewis & Floorwax brawl commercial. I think there were some other commericials that for some reason people never saw... NO TOUCH!

TroutDog said...