Thursday, March 20, 2008

Forecast calls for Das Boot

A great day in sports, especially if you're working at home. You got fantasy golf scores on my PC and the tourney blaring on the TV. But what has this town so jacked up is opening day for a certain group of champions. Of course, I'm talking about the same team that took this town by storm last October by winning the E/D League championship. To compliment their run to glory, the local MLB team also had nice little end to their season around the same time. But Das Boot fever is brewing again in this mile high town. Let's get it on!!


TroutDog said...

DT - I'm leaving the reigns in your very able hands tonight. I would put Ben at 2B in my absence. I'll let you and Faloon decide who will manage the game behind the plate and who will be diving for balls in the OF. Already looking forward to next week's game, but at least I satsified my softball jones last night by playing on ben's team, going 1-4 and making a diving catch to end an inning and scoring threat.

Go Das Boot!!

DeathTruck said...

Yeah, I was going to put him at second and faloon behind the plate.
Got the lineup all set.

Sonic Tooth said...

we need to photoshop a pic of Derek with the cartoon boot.

the Boots were flowing due to inside-the-park-homeruns

Ben=2 (only drank one due to clerical error)

Das Boot was firing on all cylinders...

TroutDog said...

Mad respek for the 22-2 clinic...Dahmer and I rekognize that our services are no longer needed.