Wednesday, February 27, 2008

my can teams?

I fear the Tooth will be on my heals with his own blog, but ahhhh.... the heck with it.

Nice having a boring NBA game, sort of, with the Nug Pups dominating the Emerald City powerhouse known as the Sonics. Didn't watch too much of this game, but did notice that the hapless Nugs still enjoy the slam dunk aspect of the game. Shall the Nugs make the playoffs? Seriosly, its friggin ridiculous that the nugs are even in this position (the 9th postion coming into today).

Respek my Avs!!! They on the other hand are pretty enjoyable to watch. However, we had no business getting a point in this game, let alone two. Both of the Vancover gaols were pretty much a result of our inabilty to clear the puck, not a net minding mistake. Though, so was Sakic's tying goal. Avs fever has offically broken out at 39th and Osceolla.

This should be a pretty intriguing next couple of weeks with what's his name coming back... and I'm not talking about Kroll.

That said, I am looking forward to a little pre-season das boot play... can I consider Das Boot a Can Team yet?


Sonic Tooth said...

...yeah I had something in the works that went a little something like this.
SUPER JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sonic Tooth said...

SUPER JOE!!!!!!!!!!!

Sonic Tooth said...


Sonic Tooth said...

not sure if all y'all heard my hollering.
SUPER JOE!!!!!!!

DeathTruck said...


I Like It!!!

I like it a lot!!!

Riggins said...

Av's fever is overtaking the greater Htown metro area or maybe that's just the threat of March heat. I watched the game via the NHL network and their ties to TSN. Forsberg interview was pretty fresh though! Footer playing like it was Game 7. Forget the playoffs, 3 points out of the division lead...suppla. So over the Nugg pups right now.

TroutDog said...

I missed most of the game due to the rocking and the rolling, but did catch the last 5 mins of the third to witness the severe swing of gloom into glee....SUPER FREAKIN' JOE SAKIC!!!!

Getting 4 points these last two games is pretty amazing considering they were on the verge of getting zero in both games.

Got to give some love to THEO. The dude's been pretty money.

Who has tickets to that Kings game?

The AI highlights also looked rather sick.

Sonic Tooth said...

Yes, props to Theo. He has been the victim of some very flukey goals of late. He isn't letting in those infuriating soft ones...