Monday, February 11, 2008

1 more year for G-Dawg

Some really good news right before spring training gets underway. Atkins will return for at least one more year, earning 4.38 mil. This would be quite a steal if Garrett can reproduce his usual solidness. Let's not forget how crappy he started off the season last year; if he were to have had just a mediocre first 2-3 months last season, his numbers would've probably been just as good as Holiday's (and Rollins's for that matter). Anyhoo, it's good to know that the front office is sticking with players who have already proven themselves at Coors Field.

On a side note, Mr. Fuentes wants more than 2 million more than what Atkins got. Are you kidding Brian? I hope O'Dowd can recollect how he almost single-handedly blew the season for us during a single road-trip before the all-star break. Give him 2 to 3 mil, and tell him shut his trap (Fuentes rants have already begun, it must be close to opening day!).

Hopefully we can get Hawpe signed soon as well (just so I can get my Nickelback fix).

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TroutDog said...

The G-Dawg deal was going to get done. It would've been nice if it would've been of the multi-year variety. My guess is ownership wants to see how I-Stew, Bake-Dog, and Koshanskizzle play this year before committing long term to G-Dawg.

Agreed on Fuentes. He could be a very important part of the bullpen, but he's not worth that kind of jack. On the other hand, "market value" does not watch as many rockies games as I do and get the chance to see the sketchy ups and disasterous downs of Fuentes.

Pitchers and catchers reporting in 5 days. Bring it!