Friday, February 22, 2008

Anyone seen my McLeod sweater?

Wow. What an ending down in PHX. Avs should have had that game won in regulation with a lead and some solid play for most of the 3rd period. Kind of let things slide a bit with 2.8 seconds left in the game though. Typical.

One OT period and 12 SO shooters later, a tough guy comes through, and Jose is (finally) able to hold the counter shot to win the game. Too bad the fucking Wings couldn't beat the fucking Flames. The season is becoming a perpetual uphill climb.

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TroutDog said...

Whoa, what a game. The chokejob at the end was almost worth the price of admission to the shootout mayhem. God bless you little Cody!!! We deserved this win. Fuck the 'Yotes and their last second heroics against us all season long.