Monday, February 18, 2008

Put in Vernon

More than 190+ minutes against the Red Wings without scoring 1 friggin goal!!! What the hell? KTH was calling for Osgood the first two meetings, now that we've got'em, we still can't put the buscuit in the basket. In the prvious games, the case could be made for either the offense or defense not showing up. Now neither of them seem to be bringing it. It's going to be might tough (impossible) to come back from a 4-0 deficit here in the beginning of the 3rd. Things ain't looking good for this 9th place can team all of a sudden.

On a brighter note, Lappy injured their beloved Lindstrom.


TroutDog said...

As ST can also serve as witness, that game was a complete piece of crap. No offense. No defense. No hope to win that game. One of the truly more miserable Can experiences I've ever had. I normally don't mind the amount of Wings fans that are at these games, but their cheerleading with less than 5 mins to go and up 4-0 was down right patronizing. If you're doing that shit in someone else's building, you're basically saying, "We've come to your house and are readily having a diarhea party all over the joint." Not cool. If the game would've last 5 more minutes, I'm quite certain I would've been in a fight and/or arrested.

Enough of the bitching about the Red Wings fans....although it sure does feel good and I could babble on much longer about their dipshit antics much longer.

But....obviously, the Avs are a team that is missing key components. For starters, there is no 'center' on this team as far as I can tell. Are Arnason and Guite the 'centers'? If that's the case, we're fucked. We've got some good scorers (Svatos, Smyth, Hejduk), but if no one is able to center the line, what's the fucking use? Arnason has been a bust with his new contract and god damnit, Wolski, have you scored 3 goals in the last two months? Loser! Trade him if you can get anything. I like the guy, but seriously, this has been his chance to shine and it's been a disaster. Granted, he could use some star power around him, but it's been all chances, no goals.

I still love my Avs, but tonight did not even resemble acceptable. I hear a certain former windshield factory worker might want some work in the head coaching ranks in teh NHL. You know, the one that last brough the Avs ANY playoff success.

3 goals in 4 games since scoring 6 against the Canucks. Sweet guys. Maybe the next 5 on the road will serve this team well. Hope so.

End rant........Oh yeah, Lappy rules. Only dude that showed up. And what the fuck??? Why was Parker not available. Fuck you Coach "Q".

Sonic Tooth said...

whoa...hard to follow that rant, troutdog.
painful. miserable. many negative adjectives come to mind after sitting through that shit.
agreed, that was one of the worst Avs games i've attended. (except for that one back at Big Mac that mrs. tooth got a shiner from some cholas who had a wet spot for Mike Ricci)

the performance was pitiful. made even more depressing since it was against the franchise's biggest "rival". tonight was like a revisited nightmare WS game against the Red Sox. Fans that "travel well" from the midwest and east coast are a fucking blight on the Rocky Mountain region.

it's not good when you feel like punching some fat Mom in an outdated Federov jersey taunting the home team.

however, it's hard to blame her. the home team looked like a minor league joke tonight.

Sonic Tooth said...

oh, and the wings could have had me in net from my pond hockey youth for an entire period and probably still won the game...even if I was trying to let in goals.

TroutDog said...

My apologies for the long rant. My editor had the night off for president's day.

The lead line for the Post's story is fairly telling. I'm paraphrasing, but something like, Detroit has the largest decrease in population of any US city, according to the most recent census and it appears as though they were all at the Can.

Also, upon seeing the replay, I'm not so sure Lappy's hit on Linstrom was all that cheap. Looked like a good, albeit somewhat high, strong hit to me.

Sonic Tooth said...

Coach Q insisted it was clean this morning on his radio show. Quite obviously the Wings disagree.

To paraphrase the coach...."when your team gets its ass handed to them in their own's time for a line change."

i think it might be seriously time to look into the caller from Westminster's 3 kids in single A hockey.

TroutDog said...

I was just doing a little perusing of the Detroit Free Press site and you're absolutely correct, ST, Wings fans all think the hit was cheap.

I hope Coach Q has more up his sleeve than relying on some single A players represented by the their mother as an agent. Although we've all heard the pleadings so often during the commericials, I think I'm starting to believe those tikes are the solution.

DeathTruck said...

Fortunately, I believe the three kids are in double A hockey. GMC rocks.

The dudes on Versus all thought the shot was clean. Detroit fans can suck it.

TroutDog said...

One good thing to come out of last night, even if the Avs don't make the playoffs, I will have a strong rooting interest in whatever team is playing the Wings.

I might even have to go buy a Calvin pissing on the Wings logo for the LGB.

Sonic Tooth said...

td, you were looking for some visual proof of what was discussed recently regarding trucks and scrotums?

check out today's NHL Closer on Deadspin. also has some good commentary on the travesty of a hockey game last night.

TroutDog said...

Yeah, I saw them balls. Oh-so cool.

Sonic Tooth said...

i see Frei recently had an article on about the transplant fan phenomena (in the NHL specifically) got a lot of commenter's dander up. of course the Wing's fans are at the center of that discussion.

TroutDog said...

Will have to try and check that out tomorrow.

Didn't see the first 2 periods of tonight's game, but I take some solace in getting a point against the Ducks. Sucks to be up (somehow) going into the 3rd, but to get zero points would've been devestating. Too bad the shootout didn't pan out.

Can't wait to have Sakic and Statsny back in the next couple games.

TroutDog said...

ST - Checked out that Frei article. I actually thought it was pretty good, but he's certainly taking a lot of heat on the blogs. Seems to be mostly from transplants who fall into the camp the article is aimed at.

I think most of these people completely miss the point. There's really nothing inherently wrong with still rooting for your hometown team. It just becomes annoying when you take it to the stadium and make an blatant point of rooting against the team representing the city in which you currently live.

The way I look at it, when you root for pro teams, you are essentially rooting for the cities they represent. This is especially true in these times where players seldom show loyalty. Hence, I don't understand actively rooting against the team representing the city you live in, unless you actually don't like the city. It's expected that Michigan transplants aren't going to like the Avs, due to the history, but don't try and turn the Can into the Joe during garbage time of an already 4-0 drubbing. That was lame, in my opinion.

Sonic Tooth said...