Friday, November 19, 2010

The view this evening at Pepsi Center includes very insane TAZ leather jacket sightings (and a 5-1 beatdown delivered to the Rangers)

There were sightings of TAZ-themed Rockies shirts this summer, but TD sent me this shot of someone this evening at the Avs game willing to high-roll and really spend bills like he means it...the TAZ leather jacket. You know that shit don't come cheap. Top dollar. Dude had to do some ledger work to figure out how many trips to the Arby's drive-thru he'd have to cut out of his routine to afford that stylish addition to his wardrobe. We're all better for it.

The game? Hell yeah. The kids continue to pile on the scoresheet (and old Hannan also adding to his assist numbers).
That 2nd period was an Avalanche shit storm of goals. Good stuff.
Andy back...looking sharp, but let it be said, he got some solid help in front of him, didn't have to face a ton of pucks.
Good to see Duchene get a goal finally. Porter scoring goals has become a pretty regular occurrence. yes...

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TroutDog said...

Thanks, ST for spreading the gospel of Taz and the Avs ass-kickings. The puzzling thing about the dude wearing the leather was that he was pretty young - only in his 20's. There was speculation that it was an ironic Taz second-hand purchase. The photo doesn't really do it justice. Got a better glimpse at one point and the sleeves said "TAZ." My brain almost seized at the thought that this jacket was manufactured.

Oh and the game? A very nice one to mark my first (and not last) trip to the Can this year. Matty scoring a goal was very good to see. At one point well into the game, the Avs were shooting like 35% from the field. And mad props to Hannan, who earned the 3rd star of the game. Stewie and the Locker continue to be a force. A very fun stretch of hockey to be watching.